Staff Directory Entries

Object_Id               : 187
Title                   : Staff Directory Entries
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : HTML
Address                 :  http://web/cgi-bin/staff_directory.cgi
Keywords                : Staff Directory
                          Home Page
Abstract                : For the CiTR Staff Directory, this procedure describes:
                            - how to add your own home page
                            - how to add your own photo
                            - how to add your own CV (suitable to give to clients)
                            - how to specify a link to your external home page
Date_Entry_Created      : 19/02/97
Entry_Created_By        : Mike Husband
Date_Entry_Last_Modified: 03/03/97
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Asset_Qualification     : useful / does the job
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Contact_Person          : Mike Husband
IP_or_Copyright_Owner   : CiTR
Support_re_Ownership    : Developed by Mike Husband
Date_Item_Created       : Jan 1997
Usage_Conditions        : Internal use only
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Authors_and_Contributors: Mike Husband
Projects_Used_In        : Internal
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Related_Items           : Template - Web Home Page
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Additional_Info         : INTRODUCTION
                          The CiTR Staff Directory is generated
                          automatically from the Unix Yellow Pages
                          If you have a home page, a link to your
                          home page is created.
                          Home pages, photos, CVs, and external links
                          are located in 
                           @ İh       $HOME/public_html.
                          1. Creating your own home page
                          See step-by-step instructions in
                                Template - Web Home Page
                          2. Displaying your own photo
                          By default Staff ID photos are displayed.
                          You can display your own photo 
                          by placing a JPEG in:
                          3. Displaying your own CV
                          The Template - Web Home Page
                          has a link to your own CV.
                          Format your CV as an HTML document and
                          place it in:
                          4. Creating a link to your external home page
                          Place the URL of your external home page in:

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