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                          The MIME FAQ is a 3 part FAQ about MIME. There is also a
                          "part 0" or meta-FAQ with help for MIME problems. 
                          It is available at many sites - some more are below; the above
                          site looked reasonably up-to-date and also has other stuff 
                          about mail.
                          To quote the FAQ:
                          MIME, the Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions, is a freely available
                          specification that offers a way to interchange text in languages with
                          different character sets, and multi-media e-mail among many different
                          computer systems that use Internet mail standards.
                          If you were bored with plain text e-mail messages, thanks to MIME you
                          now can create and read e-mail messages containing these things:
                                  - character sets other than US-ASCII
                                  - enriched text
                                  - images
                                  - sounds
                                  - other messages (reliably encapsulated)
                                  - tar files
                                  - PostScript
                                  - pointers to FTPable files
                                  - other stuff
                          MIME supports not only several pre-defined types of non-textual
                          message contents, such as 8-bit 8000Hz-sampled mu-LAW audio, GIF image
                          files, and PostScript programs, but also permits you to define your
                          own types of message parts.
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Related_Items           : Other sites with the MIME FAQ are:
                            MIT -  ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet-by-group/news.answers/mail/mime-faq/

                            uu.net -  ftp://ftp.uu.net/usenet/news.answers/mail/mime-faq/

                            Duke -  http://phonebk.duke.edu:8001/clients/mimefaq1.html

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