CiTR Travel Coordinator

Object_Id               : 168
Title                   : CiTR Travel Coordinator
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : a format type is not applicable
Address                 : Tracy Brown currently fills this role.
Keywords                : 
Abstract                : Once your travel request has been approved, the CiTR travel 
                          coordinator will:
                          o  book your flights, accommodation, car hire, etc. 
                          o  provide your with your itinerary, emergency card, etc.
                          o  show you a copy of our travel insurance policy.
                          You can also acquire your corporate card through
                          the travel coordinator.
                          See the CiTR Travel Policy for more information: 

Date_Entry_Created      : 15/01/97
Entry_Created_By        : jane
Date_Entry_Last_Modified: 28/05/97
Entry_Last_Modified_By  : jane

Class: CiTRSuperClass


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