lsof (list open files)

Object_Id               : 147
Title                   : lsof (list open files)
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : compressed
Address                 :  file:/home/horton/man/man8/lsof.8
Keywords                : 
Abstract                : Lsof revision 3.62 lists information about files  opened  by processes
                               An open file may be a regular file,  a  directory,  a  block
                               special  file,  a  character special file, an executing text
                               reference, a library, a stream or a network  file  (Internet
                               socket,  NFS file or Unix domain socket.) A specific file or
                               all the files in a file system may be selected by path.
Date_Entry_Created      : 04/01/97
Entry_Created_By        : horton
Entry_Last_Modified_By  : 
Asset_Qualification     : useful / does the job
Other_Opinions          : 
Contact_Person          : 
IP_or_Copyright_Owner   : GNU licence
Support_re_Ownership    : 
Date_Item_Created       : old
Usage_Conditions        : 
Support_re_Usage_Condns : 
Projects_Used_In        : Fastpac
Obtained_From           :
Derived_From            :
Related_Items           : 
Code_Type               : simple tool
Programming_Language    : C
Portations              : AIX, HP-UX, OSF/1, Solaris, SunOS, Ultrix
Source_Location         : ~horton/net/lsof
Binaries_Location       : 
Additional_Info         : 

Class: Code


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