CiTR Repository - Register of ICDs (as defined in ISO 6523)

Register of ICDs (as defined in ISO 6523)

Object_Id               : 14
Title                   : Register of ICDs (as defined in ISO 6523)
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : other
Address                 : British Standards Institute (?)
Keywords                : OSI,
                          Object Identifiers
Abstract                : ICD = International Code Designator.
                          ICDs are defined in ISO 6523. They are intended for
                          international organisations such as a worldwide
                          umbrella organisation for banking or for the 
                          international transportation industry.
                          However, OSI has been the main cause of registrations,
                          because one subtree of the OID (Object IDentifier) tree
                          in ASN.1 is for ICDs.
Date_Entry_Created      : 16/09/96
Entry_Created_By        : jane
Date_Entry_Last_Modified: 16/09/96
Entry_Last_Modified_By  : jane
Context_or_Scope        : global
Registrar_or_Contact    : contact Standards Australia (David Bruce-Steer?)
Related_Registers       : 
Additional_Info         : I think the registrar is BSI (British Standards
                          Institute), but Standards Australia should be able
                          to provide a copy of the register.
                          See also, the Library web Naming & Addressing pages:


Class: Register_Pointer


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