CiTR Repository: Installation Documentation

Object_Id               : 120
Title                   : CiTR Repository: Installation Documentation
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : HTML
Address                 :  http://repository:13531/MORE/documentation/installer.html
Keywords                : 
Abstract                : This document contains notes about the installation/set up of
                          the repository system.
Date_Entry_Created      : 01/11/96
Entry_Created_By        : jane
Date_Entry_Last_Modified: 22/01/98
Entry_Last_Modified_By  : jane
Asset_Qualification     : draft / under construction
Other_Opinions          : Note: As at 1 Nov. 96, the document is incomplete.
Contact_Person          : Jane Clark 
IP_or_Copyright_Owner   : CiTR
Support_re_Ownership    : see project _E634. (Started under the internal
                          Technical Development section.)
Date_Item_Created       : May 1996
Usage_Conditions        : CiTR Confidential -
                          Do not casually give away copies to people outside
                          CiTR as we may be able to sell our experiences,
                          including our documentation!
Support_re_Usage_Condns : 
Authors_and_Contributors: Gordon McNair, 
                          updated by Jane Clark.
Projects_Used_In        : _E634
                          repository-related use
Obtained_From           : originated in CiTR
Derived_From            : an original document - complements the MORE
                          installation manual.
Related_Items           : Sys admin notes:

                          The MORE installation manual:

                          Developer's notes:

                          For other "role" documentation,start at:

Document_Type           : Handbook / Guide / General Manual
Additional_Info         : 

Class: Document


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