CiTR Repository: entry of info about IP, Ownership, Conditions

Object_Id               : 112
Title                   : CiTR Repository: entry of info about IP, Ownership, Conditions
                          of Use of assets
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : HTML
Address                 :  http://repository:13531/MORE/documentation/IP_in_guide.html
Keywords                : intellectual
Abstract                : The guidelines in this guide are designed to satisfy the 
                          following aims: 
                              1.Facilitate informed re-use decisions regarding 
                                ownership and conditions of use -
                                A user discovers an item they propose to use/re-use. 
                             What information should be included in the
                                meta-data so the user, their project manager / 
                                solution team manager and CiTR management can
                                make an informed decision about the proposed re-use, so:
                                     -  we don't accidentally breach copyright, 
                                        confidentiality, contracts, licence agreements, 
                                     -  we don't accidentally give away our IP (or 
                                        otherwise jeopardise its future use), e.g., by
                                        using something in a project when the project's
                                        contract says all IP used will belong to the
                                        customer, or similar.
                                     -  we meet contractual requirements arising both 
                                        from the original source of the re-use item
                                        and from its re-use in the new situation. 
                              2.Build up a chain of information / history as an item of
                                IP evolves (possibly spanning several
                                entries in the repository). 
Date_Entry_Created      : 01/11/96
Entry_Created_By        : jane
Date_Entry_Last_Modified: 22/01/98
Entry_Last_Modified_By  : jane
Asset_Qualification     : default for CiTR use
Other_Opinions          : Note: As at 1 Nov. 96, the document is a draft - it
                          is essentially finished, but won't be finalised
                          until there is a reasonable amount of experience
                          with its use.
Contact_Person          : Jane Clark 
IP_or_Copyright_Owner   : CiTR
Support_re_Ownership    : I know, 'cos I designed and wrote/compiled it while
                          assigned to the internal project _E634.
Date_Item_Created       : 27 August 1996
Usage_Conditions        : CiTR Confidential -
                          Do not casually give away copies to people outside
                          CiTR as we may be able to sell our experiences,
                          including our documentation!
Support_re_Usage_Condns : 
Authors_and_Contributors: Jane Clark,
                          with input from the "reuse" working group.
                          Reviewed by Adrian Mortimer & Walter
Projects_Used_In        : _E634
                          repository-related use
Obtained_From           : originated in CiTR
Derived_From            : a original document
Related_Items           : This document complements the CiTR procedure for
                          re-using an Item (IP viewpoint):
Document_Type           : Handbook / Guide / General Manual
Additional_Info         : 
                          The guidelines DO NOT COVER the entry of 
                          information that facilitates the decision about
                          (i.e., the document does not cover evaluation, 
                          testing, determining the test status from previous  
                          use, etc.) 

Class: Document


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