Simple MPEG Player (asset)

Object_Id               : 111
Title                   : Simple MPEG Player (asset)
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : text
Address                 : /projects/nc522/005.Project_Deliverables/005.Implementation/001.Source_Code/UserInterfaces/MpegPlayers
Keywords                : mpeg
Abstract                : A simple player for MPEG videos.
                          The basic public domain player runs the video immediately.
                          It was modified in-house to give some user control.
                          It starts paused, and runs and re-pauses on receipt of Unix signals.
Date_Entry_Created      : 31/10/96
Entry_Created_By        : Pushkar Piggott
Entry_Last_Modified_By  : 
Asset_Qualification     : useful / does the job
Other_Opinions          : 
Contact_Person          : Pushkar Piggott
IP_or_Copyright_Owner   : University of California & CiTR
Support_re_Ownership    : University of California public domain modified in-house on R&D budget.
Date_Item_Created       : 1992 modified 2/1996
Usage_Conditions        : Copyright (c) 1992 The Regents of the University of California.
                          All rights reserved.
                          Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its
                          documentation for any purpose, without fee, and without written agreement is
                          hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice and the following
                          two paragraphs appear in all copies of this software.
                          COPYRIGHT (C) CiTR Pty Ltd 1995
Support_re_Usage_Condns : 
Authors_and_Contributors: University of Clifornia &
                          Pushkar Piggott
Projects_Used_In        : NC522
Obtained_From           : 
Derived_From            : 
Related_Items           : There are some sample videos in the 
                          directory ../mpeg/mpeg_samples.
                          These should be used only for test purposes.
                          They were obtained with the understanding they would not be used after some short period.
                          In the same directory is C++ code MpegPlayers.
                          This allows multiple players to be run and controlled asynchronousl
Document_Type           : Source Code
Additional_Info         : The basic player is in ./mpeg.
                          The modified main.c is ./mpeg_play.c.
                          Use Makefile.c to make modified player.
                          SIGUSR1 re-starts, SIGUSR2 pauses.

Class: Document


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