How to find a login ID or to match up a login ID with its owner.

Object_Id               : 109
Title                   : How to find a login ID or to match up a login ID with its owner.
Node_Type               : Production
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Address                 : n/a
Keywords                : log in
                          log on
Abstract                : Recently, support have rationalised password security on the
                          internal network by implementing "nis".
                          Now, to obtain login information, use the command:
                               ypcat passwd
                          or   ypcat passwd | more       (or your favourite pager)
                          David Horton has developed a nice little tool for one-off 
                          conversion of a login to the corresponding full name. It is:
                          Usage: fn loginname     (works from feijoa, at least)
                          feijoa> /home/horton/bin/fn jane
                          Jane Clark
Date_Entry_Created      : 31/10/96
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