NC552.1 : Java NM GUI Phase 2

Object_Id               : 105
Title                   : NC552.1 : Java NM GUI Phase 2
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : File Directory or Folder
Address                 : /projects/nc552.1
Keywords                : Java
                          Network Management
Abstract                : This project is a follow-on to the NC552
                          Java study. It's aim is to generate a Java
                          based GUI for NEC's new Network Management
                          System (NMS), called PLATON, which is under
                          The project involves Java objects talking
                          CORBA object which provide the interface
                          to the NMS. The OrbixWeb product was used for 
                          the Java CORBA interface, with Orbix being
                          the CORBA implementation.
Date_Entry_Created      : 24/10/96
Entry_Created_By        : Mike Sharrott
Entry_Last_Modified_By  : 
Project_Code            : NC552.1
Project_Type            : development
Project_Status          : work in progress
Warnings                : Java is not as platform independent as claimed!
                          Java runtime has many bugs.
Contact_Person          : Mike Sharrott
Current_or_Final_PM     : Mike Sharrott
Current_or_Final_AE     : Nigel Cook
Customer_Contact        : Shingo Fukui, NEC
Customer                : NEC, C&C Labs, Japan (Also Transmission Division)
Owner_of_Works          : Joint NEC/CiTR ownership.
                          Documents/work marked CiTR confidential
                          are free to use by CiTR.
                          Documents/work marked NEC confidential
                          may not be used.
Support_re_Ownership    : 
Usage_Conditions        : 
Support_re_Usage_Condns : 
Date_Opportunity_Raised : ?
Date_Proj_Started_Work  : May 1996
Date_Project_Completed  : Feb 1997
CiTR_people_involved    : Mike Sharrott
                          Greg Hall
                          Norm Lawler
Customer_people_involved: Shingo Fukui
                          Wakako Shibata
                          Atsushi Enjou
                          Gen Watanabe
Other_Contributors      : Graham Chen
Related_Projects        : NC552 NM Java Study
Additional_Info         : See the web server:

                          for the project applets.
                          Also the web server:

                          for general Java information.

Class: Project


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