CiTR Repository

A proposed replacement for the MORE/Ingres reuse repository.

This new version stores the entries in flat files, with one entry per file all stored in one directory. The name is _EntryNumber_.html. These are under RCS control. Maintenance is provided via 'cgi-bin' scripts with 'perl' backends. For new entries, another subdirectory called 'templates' contains text versions of the blank templates.

Please be aware that this version of the software is not intended to be as powerful as the MORE version. Also note that the content of the entries is crudely processed, and you may experience problems with both HTML and RCS control strings.

When you have problems, send mail to David Horton.

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These items are expected to be provided by DavidS after investigations of search engines. (WebGlimpse seems to only index HTML and text).

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