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Updated: 28 September 1994
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html2ps - convert HTML to PostScript  


html2ps [ -aCcFLnUuv ] [ -cw program ] [ -f font ] [ -hn scalefactor ] [ -im text ] [ -l length ] [ -LM size ] [ -o file ] [ -p scalefactor ] [ -PS size ] [ -s scalefactor ] [ -tn style ] [ -TM size ] [ -w width ] [ file... ]  


The program html2ps converts one or more HTML files to PostScript. If no filename is given, html2ps reads from standard input. If more than one file is specified, they will be concatenated.

The current version does not support in-line images, the <ISINDEX> tag and <FORM> with associated tags.  


Do not interpret nested highlighting tags additively. For example "<B><I>some text</I></B>" will normally produce bold italic text. With the -a option, the text will be italic but not bold (only the innermost tag is interpreted).
Check the syntax of the HTML file (using an external syntax checker). No PostScript code is generated. The default is to not make a syntax check.
Like the -C option, but PostScript code is also generated. If you use this option, you may also have to use the -o option, to avoid getting the syntax checker output mixed with the PostScript code.
-cw program
Specifies which program the HTML syntax should be checked with. The default is to use weblint.
-f font
The font used for normal text. The default font is n (NewCenturySchlbk). Other choices are t (Times), h (Helvetica), hn (Helvetica-Narrow), p (Palatino), a (AvantGarde) and b (Bookman). New fonts can easily be added.
Draw a frame around the text on each page. The default is to not draw a frame.
-hn scalefactor
Scale the text in headers of level n (1..6) with a factor scalefactor. The default is 1.
-im text
Specifies which text should be written as a replacement for in-line images, when the <IMG> tag has no ALT attribute. The default text is "[IMAGE]".
Generate code for printing in landscape mode. The default is portrait mode.
-l length
The maximum length of the text on each page in centimeters. The default is 23 cm in portrait mode, 15 cm in landscape mode.
-LM size
The size of the left margin in centimeters. The default is 2.5 cm.
Insert page numbers. The default is to not number the pages.
-o file
Write the PostScript code to file. The default is to write to standard output.
-p scalefactor
Scale preformatted text with a factor scalefactor. The default is 1.
-PS size
The vertical size in centimeters of the paper the document will be printed on. You may also give the names A4 (29.7 cm) or US (27.9 cm). The default size is A4.
-s scalefactor
Scale the entire document with a factor scalefactor. The default is 1.
-tn style
Set the style of the text in headers of level n (1..6). Possible choices are n (normal), b (bold), i (italic), bi (bold italic), f (fixed), fb (fixed bold), fi (fixed italic) and fbi (fixed bold italic). The default is b for all header levels.
-TM size
The size of the top margin in centimeters. The default is 3 cm. Note: To get the size of the top margin correct (when printing in portrait mode on other than the A4 paper size), you must also give the -PS option.
Print usage information.
Do not underline anchor text. The default is to underline anchor text.
Print information on the version of html2ps.
-w width
The maximum width of the text in centimeters. The default is 16 cm in portrait mode, 24.5 cm in landscape mode.


perl(1), weblint(1)  


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