David Horton and I had a conversation with Henry Hughes, as a consult for a telco Frame Relay operation.
The purpose for this consult was to identify a telco's practice of provisioning and management of Frame Relay networks and services. Henry was helpful in identifying operations of GTE FR provisioning, configuration, management of equipment and cross connection information.
Henry had received and responded to a short write-up describing our background and purpose. His background had been in setting up customer connections to a CO and working in the connections of the hierarchy of connections between RBOCs and National providers. He responded to questions in conversation with David and myself.

He described:
Also, with his 30 years of experience, the processes and practices of telco operations were not up-to-speed with modern communications technology and required sometimes urgent-response that is expensive to perform, and risks extended outages.

I believe this discussion validates that ConnectionManager and FrameConnect architecture are sound, and of high value.

I would like to review notes with David and will be following up with Henry today.

Mike Schweitzer
Product Solutions Architect