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Commercial network management products

Here are some references to commercial network management platforms with the related companies ...

Company Country Software

Solcom Systems UK RMON Network Management Systems.
Bay Networks, Inc USA Optivity.
Banyan Systems, Inc USA Distributed Enterprise Management Architecture (DeMarc).
Bull USA Integrated Systems Management (ISM).
Cabletron Systems, Inc USA Spectrum.
Castle Rock Computing USA SNMPc
ClearSystems, Inc. USA ClearStats
CoroNet Systems USA CoroNet Management System (CM)
CROSSCOMM Corporation USA Integrated Management System (IMS)
Cyber Professionals, Inc. USA SNMX and RMONX
Digital Equipment USA TeMIP
Empire Technologies, Inc USA Systems Management agents and management station applications.
Enterprise Systems Management Corp. USA Uname-It.
Hewlett Packard Company USA OpenView.
International Business Machines, Corporation USA Management solutions for Networking Hardware.
ISR Global Telecom USA Object-oriented TMN products.
MG-SOFT Corporation SI MG-WinSNMP SDK, MONET SNMP analyzer.
NetIQ USA NetIQ AppManager Suite.
Optical Data Systems USA Infinity Enterprise Management.
Siemens/Nixdorf AG De TransView
SNMP Research, Incorperated USA EMANATE
Sun Microsystems (SunSoft) USA Solstice Enterprise Management
3Com, Inc USA Transcend and Web Based management
Tivoli Systems, Inc USA Tivoli Management Environment (TME)
Wipro India CyberManage (Web-Based Management)

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