ODINS Network Architecture

ODINS is made up of Operational Network = (Data Network for data communication, mail, news, and host connection) = and Experimental Network (Video Conferencing, = Multimedia communication and UltraNet).
This is a clickable diagram of ODINS - = CLICK any of the cluster to find the individual cluster architecture. = Under construction - If you are not sure (or can't see the cluster), = or unable to display the image, please use the alternatives below. = - editor.

ODIN network

The network is a three layered architecture namely:
  1. ATM network with 150 Mbit/s
  2. FDDI network with 100 Mbit/s
  3. Ethernet network with 10 Mbit/s
Due to the size of the network, it is divided into clusters = located at various faculties, centers or institutes. = At each cluster, FDDI network is used as a local backbone = connecting computers or Ethernet local segments to the ATM routers. = However not all FDDI network acts as intermediary and some Ethernets = are connected directly to the routers. = For further description of each cluster, = please click the selection either in the diagram above = or the list below:

bulletToyonaka Campus bulletSuita Campus

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