Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 14:09:05 +0100
From: (Rob Goode)
Subject: Re: looking for CMIP,ASN1 & GDMO tools on Solaris 2.4

Dear Vividh,
thank you for the URLs and book references you sent me, you
may be interested in these ones as well, which are my list of
network management and standards orgs from my netscape bookmark
- you can probably paste them into your netscape bookmark or
Mosaic hotlist :

Network Management


Tau Courses

The SimpleWeb - CMIP Run

The SimpleWeb - network management site

Network Management Server(NMS)

ASN.1 Resources (Philipp Hoschka, INRIA, France)
CMIS High Level Management API WG
IETF Home Page
SNMP: Tom Georges Usage Paper on CMU SNMP
Network Management Server (NMS)
SNMP: The SimpleWeb - snmp info site (UT-SNMP project)
SNMX: Simple Network Manager Executive
Project: Network Management (Free Tcl/Tk NM tools)
Tk SNMP Mgr (Institut flr Betreibssysteme und Rechnerverbund)
The SNMP MIB compiler University of Twente
RFCs (Internet Requests For Comments)
(Internetworking Labs) SNMP Agent test tools


Standards Organisations

American National Standards Institute
IEEE Standards Home Page
Directory of /pub/doc/standards/posix_framework_wg
Open Systems Implementors Workshop
Network Management Forum Home Page
X/Open - The World's Standard for Open Systems.
X.500 Online Directory Services - White Pages
WWW Home Page at the CTR
Yahoo - Computers and Internet:Standards
Welcome to ISO Online
DISA/JIEO Center for Standards
NIST WWW - Home Page
Directory of /pub at
NIST/CSL SNAD Online Information Services
ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector
ITU WWW server

ISODE Consortium
Welcome to ANSA
The Andrew Consortium Home Page
W3.COM Homepage
httpd Installation manual
OSF Home Page
ACM, The First Society in Computing
WWW Home Page at the CTR
GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology
Remote file
MinoS Group at GMD FOKUS
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

--------- Bookwise you may also be interested in : ASN.1 The Tutorial and Reference by Douglas Steedman published by Technology Appraisals ISBN 1 871802 06 7 GDMO for Network Management by Baha Hebrawi published by Technology Appraisals ISBN 1 871802 30 X Yours sincerely, Rob Goode