Integrating CORBA and Java for ATM Connection Management

Graham Chen, Jeremy Rixon and Qinzheng Kong

The world-wide telecommunication deregulation and competition increases the demand for a better integrated service management environment which can integrate different management technology to manage different switched and transmission networks.

CORBA as a general purpose distributed object management technology is gaining acceptance in the telecommunication industry. It has demonstrated its ability to support some important functions required in telecommunications network and service management.

Java has also demonstrated its potential as a platform independent GUI environment for telecommunication network and service management. It can be used as a fast GUI development tool and its platform independent nature and easy integration with CORBA environment offers an ideal environment for deploy customer services.

This paper discusses how CORBA and Java technology is used in developing a prototype ATM management system. This system has been demonstrated at the 1996 Network Management Forum general meeting in Barcelona. The emphasis of the demonstration was on the use of features and services provided by CORBA and the GUI implemented using Java. A simple video-on-demand service is built on top of the management platform. This paper reports our experience with building this prototype.

ATM, Network Management, Service Management, CORBA, Java

Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operation and Management (DSOM 1997), Sydney, Australia, Oct. 1997, ISBN 1 86365 344 9.