The Business Process and Object Modelling for Service Ordering

Graham Chen and Qinzheng Kong

This paper examines two major issues in the TMN service management arena: the specification of service management activities and processes; and the interactions between different business processes and different service providers in order to provision and manage telecommunication services.

Network Management Forum has defined a set of basic business processes dealing with five major TMN service management functions (FCAPS). In addition to these, a service ordering process is defined as an important interaction with the end customers requiring services. The service order process provides an integration point for all major TMN functions and business processes.

This paper presents a detailed analysis for the service ordering process. It covers the process definition, object modelling and process interaction and integration. It also discusses the technical issues related to the implementation of the ordering process and its object model.

Service Management, Service Ordering, Object Modelling

Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operation and Management (DSOM 1997), Sydney, Australia, Oct. 1997, ISBN 1 86365 344 9.