BURNS: Basic URN Service Resolution for the Internet

Renato Iannella 1 , Hoylen Sue and Danny Leong 2

This paper describes the design and implementation of a Uniform Resource Name (URN) resolution service. The resolution process is based on standard Internet technologies to encourage early deployment. The URN resolver returns Uniform Resource Characteristics (URCs) which describe attributes of the named resource. The URCs are based on a modified Dublin Core metadata element set. The underlying URCs are managed by an X.500 database.

Uniform Resource Name, Uniform Resource Characteristics, WWW, Internet Resolution Service, Naming and Metadata, Dublin Core, X.500 Database.

Collaboration on the Virtual Orient Express, Proceedings of the Asia Pacific World Wide Web Conference, Hong Kong, August 1996

1. DSTC Pty Ltd

2. Fujitsu Australia Ltd