Integrated TMN Service Provisioning and Management Environment

Graham Chen and Qinzheng Kong

The world wide competition and deregulation in the Telco industry has intensified the need to build a service management system, where the Telco service offering environment, service creation environment, service provisioning environment, service management environment, and service implementation (based on the network) environment are all integrated in a single architecture.

This paper addresses the issues of building such integrated system. We propose an integrated service provisioning and management environment with a Java-based user environment, a CORBA-based distributed service management environment and a TMN-based network management environment. The paper discusses the business requirements and technical requirements for such architecture. It also reports our first phase prototype implementation of the system. It focuses on the experiences of integrating CORBA, Java and OSI technologies to achieve integrated management.

Service Management, service provisioning, CORBA, TMN, Java

Integrated Management in a Virtual World, Proceedings of the 5th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management, San Diego, California, USA, Chapman & Hall, May 1997.