The Web as a Legacy Computer System Application Interface

1 Abstract

This paper investigates the issues of using Web pages as a user interface via the internet, to a custom legacy application.

The advantages of Web page based interfaces are discussed and a typical architecture which integrates Web browsers and legacy systems is depicted.

Uncertainty with the security of the legacy system is a critical issue needing resolution for enterprises who are considering internet based solutions. The security issues raised, include certificates , firewalls and security policy. A solution which includes functionality in each of these areas can be acceptable.

An example of a generic Web browser/legacy application features administration , user and public interfaces. Each of these roles is expanded in the paper.

Aspects of legacy system integration are described, and some of the problems of managing a suite of web pages are addressed.

Finally, a number of Web browser/legacy applications are referenced.


WorldWideWeb, Legacy Systems, Business applications, Security Policy
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