The Web as a Legacy Computer System Application Interface

Michael Hinchliffe and Anthony Symons

This paper investigates the issues of using Web pages as a user interface via the internet, to a custom legacy application. The advantages of Web page based interfaces are discussed and a typical architecture which integrates Web browsers and legacy systems is depicted. Uncertainty with the security of the legacy system is a critical issue needing resolution for enterprises who are considering internet based solutions. The security issues raised, include certificates, firewalls and security policy. A solution which includes functionality in each of these areas can be acceptable. An example of a generic Web browser/legacy application features administration, user and public interfaces. Each of these roles is expanded in the paper. Aspects of legacy system integration are described, and some of the problems of managing a suite of web pages are addressed. Finally, a number of Web browser/legacy applications are referenced.

WorldWideWeb, Legacy Systems, Business applications, Security Policy

Proceedings of AusWeb96: The Second Australian WorldWideWeb Conference.