An Openview Based ATM Network Management System

Nigel Cook, Robert Coote, David Horton, Geoff Thompson, and Hiroshi Suzuki 1

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks are emerging as a major broadband networking technology. The management of these networks creates new challenges for both private network operators and public telecommunications service provider communities due to the heterogeneous mix of ATM Switch equipment, and the need to establish, control and monitor end-to-end connections (virtual circuits) through a network. Considerable effort is being applied to the formulation of standards in this area, in particular by the ATM Forum organisation.

CiTR has been working in association with NEC on implementing a prototype ATM Network Management System (NMS) using OpenView and SNMPv1 to control and monitor ATM Networks via the IETF AToMMIB. This international collaboration between teams based in Australia and Japan has developed successive phased releases of NMS software. The initial development focused on connection oriented OpenView map navigation and a graphically driven connection establishment interface. The latest release includes ATM autodiscovery, automatic optimal route selection when establishing Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs), and the subsequent monitoring and unattended restoration of the PVCs.

The paper summarises aspects of the development of ATM Network management software using the OpenView platform, and includes a description of the phased development strategy as well as the features and pitfalls of using OpenView in this application.

OpenView Forum, Seattle, USA, June 1995.

1. Dr. Hiroshi Suzuki, NEC Network Research Laboratories, C&C Research Laboratories, 1-1,Miyazaki 4-Chome, Miyamae-Ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 216, Japan, e-mail:, phone: +81 44 856 2123, fax: +81 44 856 2230