A General Resource Discovery System for Open Distributed Processing

Qinzheng Kong and Andrew Berry 1

The networks of today support a wealth of resources which can aid the daily tasks of a diverse user base. Resource discovery is a relatively new field that deals with the problems of finding, organising and accessing these resources in a global network. The architecture model proposed by the DSTC's Architecture Unit provides a way to specify open distributed application systems. A resource discovery system is an example of such an application. This paper uses the DSTC architecture model to specify a general resource discovery system.

C.2.4; H; H.2.c

Distributed System; Information Systems; General Model

Open Distributed Processing--Experiences with distributed environments, IFIP, Raymond and Armstrong (eds.), Chapman & Hall, 1995

1. Andrew Berry, CRC for Distributed Systems Technology, The University of Queensland, Australia, 4072 <berry@dstc.edu.au>