Integrating CORBA and TMN Environments

Qinzheng Kong and Graham Chen

A TMN (Telecommunication Management Network) is a management architecture framework which provides an environment for interfacing a telecommunication network with computer systems in order to provide different management functions at several different levels. The ITU-T X.700 series of standards (also known as OSI network and systems management standards) are developed to manage networks and network elements in a TMN environment. Many efforts have been made to define managed objects and develop management platforms for telecommunication network management.

However, less effort has been made for telecommunication service management. OSI based network management is not particularly suitable for service management. New technologies are required.

CORBA technology, on the other hand, provides a distributed object computing environment. It provides a basic framework for distributed object management and is capable of supporting global multivendor networks. Its distributed nature, object orientation, and the ability to handle complex objects makes it a candidate technology for telecommunication service management.

It is important that these two technologies can be made to work together to provide an integrated telecommunication service and network management environment.

This paper discusses different strategies for interfacing CORBA and the OSI based TMN environments.

An early version of this manuscript was published in the IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium 1996.