CiTR is a company with a track record of building information systems for the telecommunications and information service industries, based on industrially applicable new technology. It's success has been built on innovation in the underlying fields of science and technology by CiTR staff over the past 10 years.

The research and development reported in this Journal has largely been undertaken through CiTR's R&D group managed by Dr. Graham Chen. The group operates across CiTR's engineering teams and involves a wide cross-section of CiTR staff. CiTR is owned by The University of Queensland and is a participant in the Australian industry-oriented Cooperative Research Centre for Distributed Systems Technology, which trades as DSTC Pty Ltd. Both of these organisations augment CiTR's capability and breadth in executing leading edge industrial R&D.

The reported work has made an enormous contribution to CiTR's capability to undertake contract R&D for major corporations worldwide who produce software supporting the communications and information industries.

1996 is CiTR's 10th anniversary and we are celebrating by inaugurating an annual Technical Journal as a salute to the achievements of the its research and engineering staff throughout the organisation's first decade. These papers have been published in well-recognised publications and conferences throughout the world, recognising their significance as steps in the development of future systems. I look forward to a long series of high-quality Technical Journals, and congratulate CiTR's R&D group for initiating the series.

Rob Cook