David Horton

Senior Software Engineer

Career Highlights

       Telco Network fault and performance reporting systems deployments using HP OpenView Operations(OVO), Network Node Manager (NNM) and IBM Tivoli NetView

       Network performance audits of Telco networks and support systems

       ATM standardization and implementation AToMMIB, NHRP, LANE, PNNI, MPOA, CES, VTOA, FRF.5/8

       SNMP agents and NMS for ATM networks for new hardware for NEC Japan, Eulix Networks, Carrier Access Corporation

       SNMP CNM M3 Proxy agent for NEC USA

       CMIP manager for Newbridge ATM

       OpenView Network Management deployment and application development experience

       Configuration, fault, billing and performance monitoring systems in the Telco environment

       CORBA and distributed transactions

       UNIX (> 20years. Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, Ultrix, FreeBSD, SunOS)

       systems integration

       statistical analysis

       real-time systems

       www back-end systems (ASP, PHP, Perl, CGI) (First web site in Jun 1994).

       SIMD supercomputer

Key Skills

       C, C++


       Requirements analysis and design

       Visual Basic, ASP

       Unix application development

       Shell, Perl, PHP, Javascript and other scripting languages

       Network and Element Management

       OpenView Windows, Network Node Manager, Operations (OVO), Tivoli NetView






Most recently I returned to coding, with RSA (the security division of EMC). I have been working on new releases of a couple of their data and key management API library products. Primarily this is C, with some Java and some perl and shell scripting for the build system. I started with RSA in October 2006.

From 2004-2006, I was deploying OpenView Operations in the 3 and Orange networks. Custom work has included templates and reporting tools. I have also been working with ATM performance data collection in OVPI.

When with Lead Up, I mostly worked with telcos in planning and deploying systems supporting fault reporting, performance analysis and billing data collection. HP OpenView Network Node Manager and Operations were used as a platform for some of these systems. Other systems and analysis included use of Perl and other scripting.

In 2002 I developed IN-network configuration applications for AAPT using Visual Basic, ASP and Access databases.

In 2001, I worked with HP in Colorado as a consultant in designing systems for managing VoIP hardware in conjunction with Cisco, and large scale internet data centers.

From 1993 to 2001, I worked on SNMP agents and NMS systems for the management of ATM networks. Implementations have been based on ATM Forum and IETF derived standards such as RFC 1695/2515 (AToMMIB) and M3 interfaces as well as proprietary interfaces. The NMS systems included advanced prototypes using early releases of MPOA, NHRP and PNNI management in ATM. Some implementations were based on HPs OpenView network management platform with SNMP agent development based the use of CiTRs MIB Master SNMP toolkit. David is active in the IETF, and attended IETF meetings, introducing RFCs jointly developed with NEC Japan. For NEC USA we developed an ATMF M3 interface providing a Customer Network Management view into ATM network service provided by a NEC Model 10 backbone.

In 1999, I was seconded to Astracon to work on IP-VPN network designs and CMIP based ATM switch configuration. Some of these were prototyped in C++ and Java.

Prior to this I was involved as a project architect for the Australian and Overseas Telecommunications Corporation's Fastpac Network Services implementing a network management system for the AOTC Fastpac 2 Mb/s service. This was developed on the OpenView windows and SNMP-DM APIs.

I was also involved in research into finding applications that would suit a massively-parallel supercomputer (MasPar) in addition to supporting about 80 users throughout Australia. This computer was used for neural network and database research. I run training courses on this technology for the users.

An earlier project was the A-Series SQL*Star product for the Australian Centre for Unisys Software (ACUS). This project involved porting Oracle products to the Unisys A Series platform to enable A Series systems to participate in SQL*Star networks. On this project David worked with a real-time system and large databases, response time performance analysis and developed quality control methods.

Before joining CiTR, I was a software specialist for Digital Equipment Corporation in Brisbane and Melbourne, developing custom technical applications for customers. This involved tuning large databases, creating real-time applications, and generating quality control and test plans. Some particular specialisations were Ada and C languages, CASE tools and telex/communications software.


Personal details

       Name: David Hugh Nicholas Horton

       Marital status: Married

       Nationality: Australian

       Birth date: 15 October, 1959

       Hobbies: Cycling, Family tree research, Travel


       Phone: (07) 33788912

       Fax: (07) 33788912

       Mobile: 0403 757 119

       Email: dhorton@iprimus.com.au

       Postal: 12 Marney St, Chapel Hill, QLD, 4069

       Web: http://www.chapelhill.homeip.net

Education and affiliations

       Graduate Diploma in Computer Science, 1988, Queensland University of Technology.

       BSc (Honours) in Physics, 1980, The University of Queensland.

       Member of the System Administrators Guild of Australia

       Member of the Australian Computer Society.

Employment history

       RSA security (2006-)

       Consultant to Hutchison Telecom via ASG group (2006)

       Consultant to Hutchison Telecom (2004-2006)

       Lead Up Software (2002-2004)

       CiTR (1990-2002)

       Digital Equipment Corporation (1985-1990)

       La Trobe University (1984-1985)

       Monash University (1984)

       University of Queensland (1980-1983)


       Scott Mann (Managing Director, Lead Up) 0408 070 073

       Clive Tudge (Marketing Director, Lead Up) 0402 999 885 or ctudge@gil.com.au

       Norm Lawler (Senior Program Manager, QLD Health) 0412 361652 or n.lawler@iinet.net.au (Engineering manager CiTR)

       Rob Cook (Chief Technology Officer, CRC for Distributed Systems Technology (DSTC)) rob.cook@optusnet.com.au (was Managing Director at CiTR, then at Astracon).

       Phil Gunter (OpenView Administrator, Citec) Philip.Gunter@member.sage-au.org.au (colleague at CiTR)

Job History

RSA Security

F       Design and C coding of API libraries

F       Software testing and documenting

F       Build system enhancements

ASG Group

Hutchison (current)

F       OpenView Operations agent and SPI deployments for 3G and 2G network operations and business support systems

F       Design, documentation and implementation of custom alarming



F       OpenView Operations agent and SPI deployments for 3G and 2G network operations and business support systems

F       Design, documentation and implementation of custom alarming

Catholic Education

F       Network Node Manager re-configuration

Lead Up Software


F       Network and Performance Audit (LAN)

F       Application and WAN performance

F       Application security audits

F       INCharge IN service design tool (enhancements)

F       (Prototype) WEB based IN service administration and design tool (JavaScript, ASP, MS-Access)


F       OpenView Operations SPI and custom log files

F       Network Node Manager redundancy configuration

Depart of Emergency Services

F       Tivoli NetView deployment

Telstra Mobile

F       Performance reporting


F       OpenView Network Node Manager fault configuration

F       OpenView Operations map and event configuration


F       Support for billing data collector for ethernet to building network.

CiTR (as a customer) - AccessPoint

F       Port of AccessPoint product to HP-UX 11.



Intelligent Network (1800, 1300, 13 number) number translation design utility for sales force to perform off-line services definition

F       INCharge1... Visual Basic/Access DB end-user application

F       INCharge2 WEB based on-line number maintenance (JavaScript, ASP, MS-Access)

F       Team leader, designer, requirements and specification, test and documentation

Optus - Billing Data Collection

F       Perl application to collect byte and packet counts from cisco routers

F       Perl application to massage, collate and choose primary/redundant data

TransACT - VDSL/ATM/Telephony network monitoring

F       OpenView console for network events

F       Serial port and Telnet port monitoring

F       Log file scraping

F       PC integration of OpenView Java UI

F       Team lead, design, requirements, specification and training

Telstra - Bill Reporting Bureau

F       Database backend design for providing customised phone/internet bills

F       Java and Tomcat application server with Oracle database

RequestDSL - Network managenet

F       (Proposal) Network management of ADSL/ATM/IP network. Fault, performance, billing

Astracon - Adapter building

F       Tools for automating creation of Astracon Connection Manager device interfaces, particularly for SNMP devices (Denver)

HP Internet Data Center

Design for automated configuration of racks of computers, switches, routers and storage to partition into multiple customer sites.

F       e-Speak and other messaging buses

F       Ethernet switching, routing

F       Storage

F       (Boulder (Colorado) based)

HP Unified Messaging

F       Design of management/control of unified telephony, voice messaging, email, fax system.

F       SNMP

F       H.323, VTOA


Integration of location maps and other content to WAP enabled phones.

F       WAP and WML

F       GIS

F       Java and JDBC

Carrier Access Corporation

Design for management system for new Multiprotocol ATM multiplexing device for customer premise

F       SNMP Agent development based on UCD & CMU code base

F       Lumos framework (SNMP/Java manager application writer platform)

F       ATM, Frame Relay, CES, VTOA, TDM

F       Team lead, designer. Based in Boulder.

Astracon Private iWay

Research, requirements and designs for new carrier product to provision private IP networks over MPLS, VPN, ATM/FR infrastructure including service quality guarantees.

F       IP Routing

F       VPN

F       Corba

F       TeMIP integration invesitgations with Compaq

Astracon Adapters

Corba to CMIP mediator from Astracon Connection Manager object API to Newbridge private CMIP interface (for Telecom South Africa)

F       CMIP

F       C++

F       Corba

Corba to SNMP mediators to Fore ATM switch and Cisco (ATM equipped) router.

F       SNMP

F       Cisco IOS

Definition of the FrameConnect product in association with Denver staff.


Analysis phase only for management system for fiber channel switches and directors.

F       Corba

F       Fibre Channel

NEC Research labs (Princeton, NJ) and Eulix corp.

Multi-protocol ATM access device (DeltaX). Requirements, architecture and design of API, user application, SNMP MIBs and agent and internal message APIs into device controler.

F       SNMP Agent development based on UCD & CMU code base

F       Corba (Including access by C++ and Java components)

F       Messaging interface to real-time OS

F       Harris and Jeffries protocol stack

F       ATM, Frame Relay

F       ILOG GUIs

AToMate - ATM configuration product

Based on NEC ATM NMS and as a pre-cursor to Astracon Connection Manager, this product abstracted the ATM specific from the device specifics of particular manufacturers to provide a product.

F       ATM (VC & VP) PVC configuration across an ATM network with least-cost configuration with customisable cost function

F       Automatic reconfiguration around failures

F       Automatic ATM network discovery based on multiple algorithms (IETF/ATM forum standard neighbour, ILMI addresses, Fore standards)

F       Interface and PVC status monitoring

F       Support for multiple disparate device types in network

F       Support for ATM switches, edges (hosts and routers) and ATM networks (eg M3 interfaces) as ATM elements

F       Customisable layouts for vendor devices

F       OpenView windows (UI, datastore, integration)

F       Alternate SNMP stacks

F       SNMP, Shell device controls

F       Demonstrated to AT&T, HP (Fort Collins), NEC, General Dynamics and CSIRO

F       Intelluctual property sold to Astracon

F       Architect, team leader

NEC research lab (Kawasaki)

NEC ATM NMS and SNMP agents. Development of manager and control agents for research and product versions of Model 5 and 7 family of ATM switches (and later) router over 5 years of development.

F       OpenView windows API

F       OpenView direct SNMP API

F       SNMP agent development based on CMU code base (also MIT base)

F       lex/yacc

F       ATM, NHRP, MPOA, PNNI technology

F       Motif (minimal)

F       Change control layers on RCS

F       Networking (TCP/IP, UDP, sockets, SNMP, ...)

F       IETF standards

F       Team lead, designer, coder, requirements.

F       Japanese based Research and Development lab client for 5 years

F       Highlights

F       3 of first 5 implementations of AToMMIB in world (as presented IETF Stockholm)

F       First implementation of ATM neighbour discovery

F       World first implementation of IF-MIB

F       World first implementations of NHRP clients and servers with management interfaces

F       MPOA (multi-protocol over ATM) server and client SNMP MIBs for ATM Forum

F       ATM configuration protocol prototype and spreification for ATM forum


Specification, design and implementation of an ATM Forum M3 interface compliant SNMP interface to Model network management system. The management system was a CMIP-based system supporting all the customers of a carrier (initially Sprint). The M3 interface provides an end-customer with a view of just their end-points via a standards based SNMP view giving 15-minute liveness of all their billing/performance data.

F       SNMP agent development based on CMU code.

F       ATM, Sonet, DS1, DS3

F       Customer Network Management

F       Change control layers on RCS

F       Networking (TCP/IP, UDP, sockets, SNMP, ...)

F       Team leader, coder, tester

NEC transmission division

Analysis and evaluation of X/Open and Corba transaction and sub-transaction standards for application to a hierarchy on networks (Sonet).

NEC switching division (Japan)

F       Definition of CMIP MIB for new wave division multiplexing < protection including equipment switching>

Reuse repository (internal)

Perl CGI based information repository supporting intellectual property register, and general process and procedures. Identity and RCS used to preserve audit trail. Searchable interface via WML through WAP gateway.

F       Perl

F       RCS revision control system

F       WAP / WML (wireless protocols)

Resource Discovery prototype (internal)

Mid-1990s prototype of site-wide search and document control.

F       Mosaic, WWW

F       HTML

F       HTML conversion tools

F       WAIS

Telstra - Fastpac Release 2

F       OpenView DM API for SNMP (XOM/XMP)

F       Transaction/message routing

F       lex/yacc

F       Ingres DB design, tuning

F       Ingres/Net, Ingres/Star

F       Networking (TCP/IP, UDP, sockets, SNMP, ...)

Telecom-HP NM tools

Work with a Telecom - Hewlett Packard consortium in the definition of tools for use in the telecommunications market.

F       lex/yacc

F       OpenView

F       GDMO

F       XOM/XMP

CiTR MIBMaster - SNMP Manager and Agent toolkit product

Designer, developer, documenter of internally developed toolkit and product to take SNMP MIBs and produce an easier to use set of libraries, database schemas and user interfaces. Tools supported SNMP agent instrumentation (inclusion of code to support the custom features of the MIBs through callbacks).

F       SNMP

F       yacc/lex/C

F       XOM/XMP

F       Relational Database (Ingres, PostGres)

F       X and Motif

F       OpenView

F       NetSNMP, UCD, OpevView SNMP stacks

OTC/Telstra - Fastpac release 1

F       OpenView OVc-SNMP API (now obsolete)

F       GDMO

F       SNMP

F       Ingres DB design

F       Embedded SQL

F       lex, yacc

F       Source control systems (SCCS)

F       Networking (TCP/IP, UDP, sockets, SNMP, ...)

MasPar super computer (Data Parallel Research Institute)

Initial setup of Data Parallel Research Initiative + MasPar training and support. University of Queensland acquired a MasPar supercomputer which I mentored.

F       Supercomputer programming (SIMD)

F       Data parallel versions of C and Fortran

F       Consultancy in MasPar applications

F       Training courses

F       System administration of DPRI (UQ) MasPar machine - charlotte (later Penguin)

F       Connection Machine (CM-2 in Canberra)

SQL Star Net/Connect (for Unisys/ACUS)

F       Port of Oracle SQL*Star from Unix & IBM MVS to

F       Port of Oracle SQL*Net from Unix to A-Series

F       Unisys A-Series (OS(MCP/AS), Algol, C, SQL, SIM, TCP-IP, Networking)

F       Oracle database internals

F       Oracle database design

F       Oracle end user application

F       Source control sytems (RCS+A-series)

F       Networking (TCP/IP, UDP, sockets, ...) plus involvement in other projects

Pre-CiTR with Digital Equipment Corp (DEC)

(Mostly VAX/VMS and PDP-11/RSX, but also some Unix, RT11, VAX/eln, RSTS)

Boyne Island smelters

F       Real time OS and database (VAX/ELN)

F       VMS

F       Rdb relational database (design, tuning, internals)

F       Embedded SQL/C

F       Ethernet packet analysis

DEC pre-sales support

F       DEC CASE tools (source control, debugging, build control, code analysis

F       Performance tuning, editors, languages (C, Fortran, Cobol, Ada, TPU,..)

F       News software

POWERPAC (a NZ consortia of the regional electricity suppliers)

F       Ada language consultancy

F       Rdb database tuning and consultancy

F       OO design review (back when OO was starting to pop up)

F       Rally 4GL

F       TI-Information-Engineering

F       CASE tools

F       Estimation, software auditing, Bohm tools

Qld TAB Betting system

F       Transaction processing monitor for distributed VAXes

F       Ethernet based 'transport layer' (implementation from driver to appln)

F       Distributed database (implementation of all layers)

F       Rdb database internals, RDO, SQL, Ada Parsers

F       Ada

F       Source control

F       Estimation, software auditing, Bohm tools

BHP Project Jindalee (over the horizon radar)

F       Ada consultancy

F       Background ionospheric knowledge support for pre-sales

Pioneer seeds

F       Cobol custom application managing research program of grain strains

DEC Health care systems

F       Medical records translations

F       Fortran

F       DEC health care package (pharmacies, hospitals, ...)

F       Structured analysis and design training

F       DEC upper-CASE tools


F       TELEX interface for VAX/VMS, RSX11 and RSTS

F       Maintenance and new developments

F       Cobol

F       Telephone support


F       Telex based booking service

F       Basic, Qtelex

NSW TAFE (with DEC Artificial Intelligence centre)

F       Expert system for analysis of diseases in roses

F       C, Nexpert

F       Integrated generic API for UI for workstations, dumb terminals and PCs

Australian Antarctic Division

F       PDP-11 based mail and message system running over telegraph, telex, modem, DECNET etc

F       Cobol, Assembler, DCL, MCR

F       Direct device control (modem, telegraph, printer)

DEC Office automation pre-sales support

F       ALL-IN-1 DEC OA product

F       Email

GMH Fishermens Bend plant

F       Engine plant production line control

F       RSX-11

F       Fortran

F       Programmable logic controllers


F       Management system for video links interstate

F       Pascal, PDP-11

Australian Society of Accountants

F       Videotex system (precursor to WWW for internal systems)

F       Videotex product (one of the first applications/deployments)

F       C, Fortran

F       Relational database (Rdb one of the first applications)

Attorney-Generals Department

F       RSX-11 serial line test system

F       Raw device control from assembler

Other programming

Latrobe Uni

F       Microprogramming of a NMR spectrometer

F       Device control of a GC-mass spectrometer (magnetic) (GC-MS)

F       Data analysis of MS and NMR spectra

F       System admin

Monash Uni

F       PC version of a project scheduling tool (our competitor was MS-Project)

F       Cobol, Fortran, Dbase-(2&3)

Comalco smelter

F       Scheduling system for smelter pot maintenance

Uni of Qld

F       Data analysis of many spectrometers (NAA, SIM, NIR, elipsometer, MS)

F       Other data analysis of experimental data

F       Device control and display for a ionospheric sounding antenna array


F       Co-routine library for HP-RISC (1st in Qld) for QUT's 'Gardens Point Modula' compiler

Other work

La Trobe University (Chemistry)

Technician supporting department's nuclear magntic resonance spectrometers (NMR) (magnetic) mass spectrometer with attached gas chromatographic inlet. Included routine maintenance of liquid helium, nitrogen supplies, hard disk maintenance, software support.

University of Queensland (Chemistry)

Research and development of electrodeposited thin-film solar cells. Included development of electrodeposition, heat curing and metal film evaporative deposition techniques. Development of analysis techniques for thin films including x-ray, neutron activation, and many optical techniques.

University of Quensland (Physics)

Research into ionospheric layers via development of doppler radar using kilometer long radio antenna arrays.


[*] The current version of this CV at http://www.chapelhill.homeip.net/CV-HortonD.pdf and a separate document detailing my job history can be found at http://www.chapelhill.homeip.net/job_history.html .