This is a collection of bits of software that I have written for myself, but may be of use to others. These aren't claimed to be great pieces of software or complete systems/applications; generally they are little helper tools.

IISView If you have a web site running the Microsoft web server (IIS), then you may want to see who visits your site and what they look at when there. You may also want to see which search engine spiders visit you and which keyword searches land them at your site. The other popular web server (Apache) has many free tools to analyze web traffic, but fewer were available for IIS. Have a look at how IISView works with IIS log files. Try the web site statistics tool - IISView.
> I come from a background of automating tasks, letting the computer do work instead of me. Unix has a rich environment for automating tasks from the command line. On Windows some automation can also be done using the CMD tool. However there are also a couple of Unix like environments that run on windows. These are CYGWIN and Microsoft's Services for Unix. There is a grab bag of tools for the command line.
Phone number lookup Have you ever wondered where that cold call message on your voicemail came from, or whether that business is too far away to bother driving to? If so try lookup of location by phone number.
Automated personal trainer If you have tried exercising with interval training by yourself at home, you may have lost track of where you were up to, miscalculated when the next interval was to start or found yourself cheating. Personal trainers are great for pushing you, but if you can set up a PC near your exercise machine, then you should try auto-pacing for your wind trainer interval sessions.
+ There are more tools relating to network and remote management.