Feb 19 sun - Kampong Chhnang port town with markets., floating village

River view of Kampong Chhnang port town with markets. The fruit and veg market is on the low river bank. In flood season the market is moved higher.

Even though high above the ground on stilts the river level in flood goes 1m deep through the houses. Some houses are built on poles that can be extended so can get above the rising flood level.

Then to the floating village, one of 200 I think he said on the lake. I think it was 100s of thousands living in these floating villages. These are generally poor people. They don't own land, and that may be because a large proportion are illegal emigrants, and hence can't own land. They are mostly Vietnamese.

One side of the river has electricity from the town, but the other side is dependent on batteries or generators. The wealthier ones have solar panels to charge batteries, otherwise it costs a few dollars to exchange for a fresh one every couple of days. They need electricity to watch satellite TV, and to charge their phones.

The bamboo used to float the houses lasts a few years. Others are floated by upside down water pots. Water pots are also used to hold curing fish paste, so multipurpose.

The to town market,