Feb 16 thu. Phnom Penh

Moored in passenger terminal in city, Docked in city this morning in a branch off the mekong.

City tour, including being stopped by the parliament while the prime minister and king were driven through the vacated road.

A lot of very large expensive 4wd, but not many of the tiny hyundai i10s. Some larger sedans, mostly toyota camry.

Went through a couple of markets.

All seems wealthy, but told it is poorer country than vietnam. Something isn't quite right.

Morning tuk tuk ride around inner city. They aren't the custom devices like india or thailand, but more like a (solid) enclosed rickshaw drawn by a normal motor bike. More similar to the bicycle drawn ones the other day in Vietnam.

However did see a sedan like a camry converted into an open top tuk tuk.

Since 1980s they have just laid new power cables, not managed existing ones, so lots of power lines.

Motor bike/scooter of choice is honda

Passed monument on hill after who city was named, who was the king who moved the capital from Angkor Wat to here in the 1300s?

Passed embassies that are quite fortified. Past stadiums and a huge theatre, that were all empty this morning.

Past housing developments and great wall brand development that will be 3rd highest building in world.

Passed memorial to cambodia getting independence, then to the king who negotiated independence. Cambodia in 1800s asked the french to take over rule rather than be consumed into thailand and vietnam.

Ended up at central market where we bought sim cards. $8 each for a month.

8 arms from central dome with the nsew cross being under a large arched ceiling and in between arms covered, but less impressive. Sections devoted to different things. Centre was jewelry and watches, one for craft wood and silver, womens clothes, mens, household goods, fruit and veg, and tailoring.

Evening walk through evening night markets (with a bit of known brands), then closing old markets, through a park with organised workout class and multiple games of foot shuttlecock with teams of half a dozen each. Back to boat through a nightclub street.