Feb 14 - tue - Cai Be (Cathedral, lolly factory, snake wine), market

Local boat to Cai Be

Passed overloaded dredges with water over the deck, deckhands walking on deck under water. Later that still seemed to be in the channel stopped with water seeping into the gravel, perhaps sinking?

Cathedral built 1920s?

Factory making popped rice and coating with durian, ginger, peanut, coconut. Sweets made of boiled coconut milk. Sweets were cut by hand then wrapped by hand. Women earning $1-2/hr for pretty tedious work

Snake oil whisky, wish I'd known it was real snake before I drank it and subsequently saw the snakes

Saw rice paper and rice chips being made, and dried in the sun

Passed under the Australia bridge ($66m from Australia and $34m from Vietnam). Crosses the main passage of river, and to me, is bigger than the gateway bridges. $100m seems cheap to me.

Afternoon, Sa Dec, through local market.

Lots of fruit and veg

Raw meat unrefrigerated

Seafood, much still alive. Buddhist fisherman can't kill the fish

Frogs and rats