Feb 13 - mon - Reunification palace , Notre Dame cathedral , post office

City tour by bus (m&r did by motorbike)

Reunification palace

Building was stormed by tank at end of war. 2 tanks are at front gate

1960s building for running govt, so big impressive meeting rooms and presidential offices and dining rooms.

Large bunker underground for running a war, big on communications - radio, telex. There was a tty asr33, but no sign of a computer

Building is a beautiful minimalist design, with very clever with windows to catch the breeze.

Notre Dame cathedral made with materials imported from france, and never bombed.

Many brides being photographed, but apparently this is 2-3 months before the wedding.

Also the post office, with wooden phone booths inside like in 1960s films. International clocks overhead

Bus to Mekong

Life jacket drill