9-feb thu to Ha Long bay

Rice paddies

Cemeteries amongst the rice paddies

Duck farms

Houses build in the rice paddies and flooded right up to the boundary

Big coal powered electricity generator, also gas, and perhaps soon nuclear

Welcome monument for tourists, but locals why spend on that useless thing when our kids have to get to school by flying fox across the river (by themselves)

At ha long, there are many unfinished apartment buildings, probably since gfc

2000 islands in halong bay

500? Passenger ships, though smaller operators struggling since downturn

Unemployment in vietnam is 15-20% at moment

Home loans are at 7%, savings accounts 5%

Lady rowed up to boat selling water, soft drinks, chocolates, wine, beer, almond biscuits, pringles, carved things (tortise?)

Afternoon at dark and light caves, but too low light to enter. M&R kayaked

We on hand rowed boats.

Large ships, coal, oil, gravel (from dredging) used in cement making