8-feb wed - mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh

Visit mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh where he lies in state. Huge security. You file past in a line of 2 wide. Huge square in front, soviet style, lots of guards.

His stilt house

Potted plant gate on rollers

Confuscian temple

Cyclo tour

Girls riding side saddle on motor bikes


D walking tour.

The opera where rehearsing story of vietnamese life in a village, that seemed to be themed around huge bamboo poles

Then military museum

Viet seems to mean people who wield axe, or a bird or both.

One park had motorized cars driven by toddlers

Old Hanoi city was walled, or at least the citadel but must hVe been 1km square at least

K did water puppet house tour

Hotel rediscovered an air raid shelter under hotel, with a couple of entrances an multiple rooms. Recording of Joan Baez made there during a raid in there

Dinner in local restaurant that flambed in cointreau