7 feb tue - Food tour with miss Moon

Rice crepes made on street - pot of boiling water with silk net stretched over, rice mixture spread over thinly, covered, move over to second pot where same happening and peel off perfect fine rice crepe, where other lady rolls the spring roll mix into the fresh crepe. Repeat

Weasel coffee where beans have been through digestive tract of weasel (gold)

Café that has been run by 4 generations over 80 years

Can buy special padded bum enhancers, particularly for your wedding day. You wouldn't want to be a flat screen TV (no bust or bum)

People carry goods on sticks over shoulder with trays hung from stick

Huge loads carried on motor bikes and scooters, incl gas cylinders

Cross road by just walking slowly across and not stopping. Traffic moves around you, though usually moving slowly.

Local beer is brewed on the day, is cheap and is only 2%

A restaurant serving dog was pointed out.

Many families live above their shop.

Egg coffee was egg yolk (chicken) whisked with apricot brandy then coffee is poured through it and the egg froth floats on the top

Water bottles in the sofitel legend were dressed in cloaks like a vampire

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