Fri 1 sep - Reykjavik
Iceland has serious looking 4wd, but most are just on bitumen
Tour golden circle and horse show
Thingvellir national park (all parliments national park)
The gap between north american and european plates is wide here (kms), but there are many cracks. The main walls are very clear. In one crack can see a slot formed by a crack on one side of path and matching slot on opposite side
The wall forms an amphitheatre that was used for the meetings of all the leaders of regional parliaments in 930, these meetings took 2 weeks with all iceland represented. They ran even with a lava flow running on other side of hill in year 1000 (during debate on whether to convert from norse gods to christianity). This is the longest running parliament in world.
Around can see lava flows, bottom floor of atlantic ocean.
A guyser that plays every few minutes and lots of steam and fumeroles.
Golden falls
Souvenir shops sell furs
Many sheep farms and steps for getting over fences
Icelandic horse display
Hydroponic tomatos
Water filled crater Kerid
Geothermal power and heating water for Reykjavik
Horses at end of horseriding tour

David falls over and hurts knee. Kerry comes down with cold.

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