Tue 29 Aug
Aappilattoq inuit town of 120
Landing delayed by fog, but lifted to beautiful day
Good size protected harbour off fjiord where they have smallish fishing vessels
Some freshly caught fish (going off in sun and flies)
Royal Greenland is brand of seafood in supermarket freezers
Lovely church with adjacent cemetery and detached bell tower
Childrens playgrounds
A second cemetery, guessing lutheran by row of childrens graves at back
There are some house foundations, some old (destroyed?), some new
Drying fish and fish heads, notice grass under there
Polar bear skins (presumably one from boy who killed one before 3 days ago)
Locals were taken on board and fed hamburgers some were in traditional costume
Kerry shopped in general store
Prince Christian Sound
Larger icebergs
Other ships (sailboat and container freighter)
At exit 2 islands where danish navy had to wait because sound was iced up.
Research station right on entrance