Mon 28 Aug - Qaqortoq (Julianehaab)

As in Nevil Shute "an old captivity")

Forklifts and cranes moving containers and contents around town

Town has many sculptures, many carved in stone

Deep gutters

Emergency break glass buttons around town, with red light overhead

Supermarket - plants, tvs, dried and frozen fish

Large cemetery above town (green with white crosses)

New church - big white concrete block, but looks better when viewed from sea

Old church next to river. Built 1832. Has memorial to ship sunk "hans hedtoft"

Preschoolers in high vis vests taken for walk

Town square with fountain, police station, pub, museum (oldest building in town)

Over river is fish market, where ship was buying salmon

Norse museum has ancient history and includes reproduction of an old grave from 1200 Qassiarsuk where Ingibjorg was buried

The old museum was prefab and pieces are all numbered.

Inuit culture

Sea planes landing, charles Lindbergh

Also house built of rocks and grass (sod house)

Beer in pub on square

Bunkers in rock tunnels in outside town just above water line

Greenland seal skin tannery