Sun aug 27 - Nanortalik
Pop 1200
10th largest in Greenland
"Place where polar bears go"
Wander around town. Very small footprint houses, some using attic. Look like prefab from plywood. Double glazed, but still don't look warm. Bought pastries from supermarket. Like a large IGA with extra clothing, hardware etc
Back to ship for lunch, then back to listen to choir at lutheran church. Tourist information centre selling souvenirs (junk, good quality, seal and ivory) and wifi.
Café 44 is bar with local and danish beer.

Ship moored off the town of 1200 today. They use lifeboats as tenders to get into the smallish harbour. Wandered around the tiny (prefab?) houses. Bought a pastry from the quite good supermarket. Back to ship for lunch, then to listen to church choir sing hymns in Greenlandish, tourist shop and a cafe which turned out to be a bar where we had a local beer.