26 Aug sat
Prince Christian sound - glaciers, fjiords, icebergs
Stopped at little town in the sound, dropped off pizzas for locals and scouted if suitable for shore visit
Microsoft lady was part of the party that went ashore and were left there to scout it out while tender photographed ship with icebergs
They are inuit
One boy had killed a polar bear and it was in there
Have arrived off-shore of a village in south west Greenland that has internet (though slow).
Cruised through prince christian sound today. Quite narrow especially given the icebergs that calve off the glaciers into the sound. The village has about 1000 inhabitants, smaller than the 1200 of the ship (800 passengers 400 crew).
But half way down the sound we anchored of a small village of 200, we delivered them pizza and they have agreed for us to land on our return pass on tue.