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Drug paraphernalia like bongs and scales, and seeds are available in many specialist stores and supermarkets all through the tourist area of Amsterdam. Less so in the suburbs.
paraphernalia and seeds in corner store  more paraphernalia

Maritime museum
reconstruction of Amsterdam gold decorated royal boat

canal boat and bikes  canal boats and canal houses

The lock to the North Sea
lock closing 1  lock closing 2  lock closed, filling  exiting lock

Shetland Islands

Lerwick - a port town
Lerwick port Lerwick port

Disassembling oil rig
disassembling an oil rig in a bay

shetland rural 1 Shetland rural 2

Scalloway - other port, Shetland ponies
scalloway shetland ponies
Castle of guy who was caught by tax inspectors in his bolt hole because they could smell his tabacco smoke
scalloway castle scalloway castle inside

TV series
inter island ferry police tape (real or TV?)
urking viking ship town

Faroe Islands - Torshavn

Viking heritage
Faroe Islands flag  modern viking boat on old harbour

Grass roof is common in modern houses. It insulates well, but does require a stronger truss to support it. Modern roof has good sealing, whereas older forms used birch bark as the lower layer to waterproof. On top of this are 2 layers of turf with the lower layer being roots up. Also samples in old part of town mostly 1800s, but some 1600s. And on a sod house construction farmhouse. This is stone, with earth fill between stones and grass roof (except for the hole at apex to let smoke escape).
modern house with grass roof  1800s houses with grass roof

old farm building sod house  chimney in grass roof house

Towering fjiords with mirror still water except for the waterfalls.
church in fijord  fijord

The roads over the high passes are affected by fogs and gales, roads around cliffs near sea level get earth slides, so they build tunnels. Similarly, they tunnel to other islands because bridges get very exposed too.
high passes get fogged in suddenly  tunnels through mountains to join fijords

Fish trawling and fish farming are the mainstays of the economy.
trawlers  fish farming

Plus sheep (hairy ones with horns)
hairy sheep  sheep horns for sale

Iceland - Eskifjordur, Reydarfjordur

Flag and Icelandic horses
Icelandic flag   Icelandic horses

Ships dwarfed by the fijord.
tug dwarfed in fijord  Prinsendam docked

TV series Fortitude filmed in Reydarfjordur. There is mural of polar bear hunting, which you don't get in Iceland. Alongside Fortitude's bar, guesthouse. And the yellow fisherman's house
mural of polar bear hunting  mural, Fortitude's bar, guesthouse.
Yellow fisherman's house

In WW2, when Denmark fell, Denmark's Iceland suddenly became strategic, so the British and later Americans invaded. Germans in the country were arrested, a formal complaint about the invasion, but they promised to leave after the war so it was cool.
Allied WW2 base  Allied WW2 artifacts

In Faroes, Iceland, Greenland it is apparently normal to leave babies in the prams outside winter and summer. Good for their lungs. Apparently there is always an adult with them, but that wasn't my experience. Also they still have DVD stores though they have satellite TV and 3G internet at least.
babies left outside  DVD store

Iceland - Akureyri

Godafoss - waterfall of the gods.
Godafoss  Godafoss and downstream

Geothermal field of Namaskard, bubbling mud, fumaroles (with video link) and caps for power station.
geothermal field  bubbling mud
fumarole  caps on geothermal wells.

Iceland - abandoned village Hesteyri

Fog in Isafjordur before fast boat 35km across to Hesteyri, the only way there. These are isolated places in north west Iceland. Hesteyri was settled for whaling in 1890s until Iceland stopped whaling in 1915, then herring fishing until 1940s, then in 1950 the 3 remaining families abandoned the village. Today in a national park and the families still own the buildings and use as summer houses.
fog in Isafjordur  map

Several buildings remain and a cemetery. A creek runs alongside the village, and there is a chimney remaining from the whaling station which was a few hundred metres further up the fjiord.
Hesteyri  Hesteyri

Wildlife consisted of midges who went for the highest thing around, so you held your hand up and away, and many colourless jellyfish. Half way across the channel back to Isafjordur was a pod of humpback whales.
jellyfish  humpback whales

Area was first settled in 800s and Isafjordur  became trading port in 1500s with buildings remaining in the old part of town dating from 1700s. Again there are tunnels to neighbouring towns because the passes are impassable much of time and coastal roads are subject to landslides.
Isafjordur old town  tunnels

Greenland = Prince Christian Sound

Is a passage between the mainland and islands on the southern tip of Greenland. Several glaciers from the icecap that cover the mainland run into the sound, so these are on the northern side of the sound. Some of these glaciers are advancing, so there are icebergs calving into the sound.
glacier in prince Christian sound  glacier in prince Christian sound
glacier in prince Christian sound  iceberg in prince Christian sound
Prince Christian sound  Prince Christian sound
Prince Christian sound