Cemetery tour
Some 1st settlement graves and headstones remain in the e-ne corner
E end before the remains of sandstone posted fence are 2nd settlement but there are some pitcairners east of that fence line
Colleen McCullough  Robinson has temporary cross, and is buried in Robinson family group in older (easterly) end of the 3rd settlement section
Locals digging grave for local who died at 98 during the week. Flags have been at half mast since the day he died.
War graves are being re-set. I think concrete surrounds are being removed so they sit surrounded by grass only.

Ball bay tanker unloading via a fatter than garden hose like what you'd fill a car with, but not very wide like from a tanker going to petrol stations. Ship is pointing out from bay (didn't see it arrive to get in that angle), tied up to shore at 2 mooring points and the hose runs from ship into water up onto shore.

Local phonebook allows lookup by nickname.

GoogleEarth map references
All the photos in 4/12 (Fri) Cemetery, tanker unloading at Ball bay
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