Life as a convict tour
Constable's barracks, and site of a single senior constables house

The new gaol was built in 5 arm star with a watch tower in the middle
Suicides buried under crossroad at commissariat store so they'll be driven over forever.
Some prisoners were punished by dropping then on the smaller island off coast for months with just some water.
Overseers were convicts who being punished as it was more dangerous. Constables were ex-prisoners who were being paid to be overseers.

Mt Pitt lookout
Anson bay
Masked booby
White tern bird nesting in Norfolk is pine

Local fruit tree
Captain Cook with birds and northern Islets
Selwyn bridge and rotting traction engine
St Barnabas mission church
Some gardens
Anniversary dinner at Dinos in an historic homestead. Built in 1800s as part of the mission and moved by sledge in 1920s.
The christmas lights display movie