Museum of penal settlements in Commissariat store then remaining home on Quality rd not burnt down when government re-acquired houses given to Pitcairn families.
Image of ship carved in wooden wall beside the engineers desk.
2-sided desk in engineers office, colours are about what they were during 2nd penal settlement.
Annexe at rear held kitchen, stores and servant quarters.
2 chimneys winery tasting (from nsw grapes, but hopefully from own grapes next year)
Government house
Coat of arms

1st Settlement site (and also early 2nd settlement):
1st settlement bridge(?). This was pointed to as the oldest bridge in Australia, but web searches indicate it may have been elsewhere. This one is on the access road to the pier, just adjacent to where first settlement was centred. To the east of it would probably have been the swamp, which was drained to an extent during that settlement. 
Convict built bridge from original penal settlement. Perhaps oldest bridge in Australasia. Or perhaps from 2nd settlement as part of draining the swamp?


Surgeon's quarters, hardwood frames prefabricated in Sydney, then clad/walls and shingle roof from Norfolk Island pine 
Ruins of original 1796 Government house.

Emily bay was named
	- 1829 sandy bay
	- 1840 emily bay (but smaller than today)

Areas away from the hospital have public defibrillators