28/11 sat
Sirius wreck museum and pier house (bounty mutiny) museum tour.
Sirius was main supply vessel. It was to drop off prisoners and some supplies then sail up to China to get more supplies before returning to Sydney. It was wrecked just off Kingston beach on the reef about as far off shore as the end of the pier. Ropes were run to shore and some people and supplies were floated to shore using these until tides were too high, other floatable stuff was just thrown overboard to be washed to shore. 
Rudder assembly.
Unloading cars and truck from lighter.
If truck is too big to fit inside a lighter, they tie two together and place it across the two, as in the calendar. Does sit a lot further out of the water.
Ship had been waiting offshore to unload for 4 days, but had been too rough. Not long after these cars were unloaded they had to stop and you can see waves breaking over the end of the pier. Note that it was a fine day with light winds, but always surf-able waves. The ship finished unloading next day.
Note the deep sea fishing winches on the small boat being brought on-shore.
Went to newsagent, but said the papers were flying in in an hour, so went on drive around coast by the airport, unstable cliffs, impassable roads and muttonbird holes
Headstone point
Island school - primary and high school using NSW syllabus. Opened 1791 for children of convicts in first settlement, then re-opened 1856 for Pitcairners. Note cattle grazing on footpath.