Pitcairn Is settlement tour
Norfolk is settlement was being abandoned for 2nd time at same time as Pitcairn was overpopulated, so rather than burn to ground, England gave everything over to resettlers. Keys from a hat for those with big families determined who got which house
Back annexe had kitchen and living quarters for servants
Bloody bridge where overseer was killed and buried in bridge, however blood seeped and stained wet mortar
Wood house built in same design as stone house on Quality row. Norfolk pine. Stumps are stone quarried from convict prison
Tour guide descended from Quintal but everyone on island seems to be descended from pitcairners
Cascade bay has a little waterfall near sea, but unstable cliffs prevent view from shore
Mutton birds
Island has feral chickens (and crimson rosellas competing with endangered native green parrot)
Spanish moss indicates healthy environment
Fish fry
Hula dancers movie, teaching tourists 
Sunset at Puppies point