- Island has a telco. It provides only 2G, but the landline/ADSL has WiFi 
  public hotspots, so there is wireless data coverage over much of the island.
- View from the room at Jacaranda park cottages
- Emily bay is sheltered swimming beach, Slaughter bay directly off 
  Kingston has a protecting reef 100m off shore.
- Emily bay view over Kingston
- 2 islands off Kingston ((larger) Phillip and Nepean), uninhabited. 
  But was had pigs, goats and rabbits which stripped all vegetation. 
  Some hand planting and then by seed drop from military plane.
- Elizabeth lookout
- Cemetery
- Headstone point where burnt rubbish into sea
- Headstone where 2 washed off rock 1850
- Protest against losing independence
- Island bus tour:
- Kentia palm seeds were big export prior to gfc. Collars on palms to prevent 
  rats getting to seeds
- Banyan tree
- Elizabeth lookout
- Slaughter bay named after geological formation of beach
- Convict built jetty and "lighters" that carry cars and 2 together carry 
  buses onto island
- The Lone pine at the entrance to Emily Bay has been a landmark since 
  early settlement, though the one protographed as Lone Pine may actually 
  be the  Point Hunter Pine.. 
  See also While I Can Still Remember ... Norfolk Island
- See also While I Can Still Remember ... Norfolk Island. See also While I Can Still Remember ... Norfolk Island
- Number plates are short 1, 2, 3 or 4 digit (hire car 1125), but have seen 
  single digit and prefix A.
- Cascade bay has convict graves on hillside above x6
- Remains of whaling station
- Cattle roam public roads and have right of way (for $150/head/year)
- St Barnabus chapel of melaneasian mission  has headstones
- Kingston has pit where limestone coral is burnt in 7m pit for mortar
- View of the room at Jacaranda park cottages

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