Tue 3-Dec Kochi
Lake in Kochi
Bridge to man made island (around 1900)
Public laundry and ironing. (Bus driver made us stop here to drop off his laundry).
Coconut shells used as fuel.
Heavy non-electric irons.
Old cochi - Portugese, Dutch, English
Pruning coconut trees (crash)
Oldest latin catholic church in India, where Vasco da Gama was originally buried, adjacent to the house he was living. Has pukkas.
Ambassador (car)
Chinese fishing nets
Original bastion (Portugese)
Deploying chinese fishing net, and bringing in the catch
Fish market
Santa cruz bascilca church
Jewish quarter, though only 7 left in congregation, and only synagogue for 1000km
The world pepper exchange where prices of pepper are set
Kathakali dance, starting with 1hr of makeup