Sat 30-Nov Thekkady
Drive to Spice village near Periyar national park
Rubber plantation. 1mm of bark is shaved from top of existing shaved area. 100-150 ml of sap is collected. This is done once per 2-7days
Climbing up you can see the end of the treeline
Waterfalls on opposite side of canyon and one closer
Tee plantations. Note a few trees spread through plantation to give a little shade
People washing clothes in river
Spice village resort has thatched rooves on cabins
Pheasant? In grounds
Tata Nano - cheapest car in world
Spices for sale in main street
Making banana chips by slicing fresh banana into huge pot of boiling oil
At spice plantation
Water well
Pepper is a vine. Green is pickled green berry, black is dried 3month from green berry, white is fermented green until outer falls off then inside is dried. Red is either ripe berry dried, or another variety of pepper
Cocoa inside are beans
Don't remember
Nutmeg is a fruit with male seed inside and red female part. Inside of seed is what is used, kernel is grated for use, but oxidizes to a white poison
After fruiting banana plant dies and new growth from suckers
Cinammon tree. Leaves with 3 veins is called bay leaf in south India and is bigger than leaf called bay leaf back home
Robusta coffee beans
Tumeric is a root
As is ginger
Arabica beans
Very hot chilli
Cloves are same family as tumeric and ginger, but fruit is used instead of root
Fish curry being cooked
Traditional dancers 2nd dance on brass plate with flask of water is famous