Fri 29-Nov Kerala backwaters
Dawn, many black birds diving to water surface. Fish seen jumping
Boat was prayed for and incense burnt
Early morning traffic
Casting off
Some bit of shoreline are sandbagged, wave damage?
Black birds, and a kingfisher
Net fishing
Canals open up to the north to lake.
Dykes here are higher
Enter the main part of lake
Mussel fishermen, run a leaf scoop along the bottom and bring up a bag full. Water is shallow they can reach with scoop and can punt. In one spot fisherman was in water, not sure if was standing shoulder deep
Backwater ripples resort
Indian wedding, bride had arrived by elephant
The elephant raises his back leg to let you step/slide down
Reception hall has undercover boat wharf
Wedding being filmed
Sunset cruise
Harvesting coconuts, note rope around trunk of tree. Actually was cutting the frond, then collecting the sap in bottle (or coconut shell?). Each day he pours off the collected sap, then shaves the cut on the frond for a new surface and replaces the collector. The collected sap ferments very quickly to alcohol (toddy).

Coconut palms near hotel have nets

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